Trade Customers

ADMISI is a preferred commodity broker and clearer in industry, with trade customers forming the largest client type to capitalise on our historical expertise and prominence.

Trade customers understand price and volume uncertainty. They typically favour non­ speculative brokerage houses who understand their business requirements, their aversion to unnecessary risk and their need for clean hedging strategies.

Reliable access to listed and wholly transparent hedging instruments and a leading commodities capability are key to our approach to serving and protecting our trade customers’ business interests.

Asset Managers & Wealth Managers

ADMISI offers an enhanced service to a wide range of asset and wealth managers. With a platform built from a highly-integrated team we look to help maximise efficiency in execution, risk control, breadth of market access and back office productivity.

ADMISI fully understands the challenges that are faced in providing a diverse client base with intelligent and effective investment solutions in response to changing market conditions.

Our ability to broker business into shares, commodities, currencies and financial exchanges worldwide means we act as a single source of connectivity to markets, enabling clients to save time, resources and reduce the complexities of dealing with multiple partners.

Providing electronic trading platforms and linked back office functions we provide asset managers with a complete brokerage service.

Hedge Funds

We offer a seamless service to hedge funds, providing the ability to broker business into equity markets, hedge risk via futures and options, and access commodity markets worldwide.

Our ‘one -stop-shop’ service provides extensive advantages in terms of risk and position control, ease of execution and back office efficiency. We provide longstanding knowledge in fund administration and control, and the services of a highly experienced currency trading desk.

Institutional Investors

ADMISI is the trusted trading partner of numerous institutional clients including pension funds, life insurers and asset managers. The interaction of our experts across multiple asset classes and many niche markets allows us to give institutional clients a deeper perspective on market trends and dynamics in a way that brokers who choose to silo their activities cannot.

We take the time to understand each institutional client’s investment requirements and we ensure full protection of monies in accordance with regulatory requirements, offering fully segregated services where required.

High Net Worth Individuals

By their very nature, high net worth individuals are extremely selective, demand bespoke support, a high level of service and attention to detail.

ADMISI is a natural partner to high net worth individuals – with years of experience serving private individuals with a full range of trading requirements globally.  As a trusted and reliable name in derivatives trading, we can provide Individuals with a tailored service to suit their needs

High net worth clients enjoy the same level of attention and servicing as corporate and institutional clients; with a dedicated account executive, clients are able to access global markets electronically or utilise a 24 hr fully manned broking desk.

Introducing Brokers

Introducing Brokers (‘IB’) choose ADMISI as an industry trusted counterparty due to our reputation, infrastructure and access to global markets; along with our comprehensive knowledge and understanding of their business requirements. Our IB’s can expect regular Compliance visits to their businesses and proactive daily contact to assist and maintain efficiencies and support. Our dedicated back-office staff and systems provide prompt and professional 24-hour support while our flexible rebate structure lets you easily tailor product charges to your client base.

An Introducing Broker must be an entity regulated in the appropriate jurisdiction of domicile. IB status permits involvement in the day-to-day business relationship between the introduced client and ADMISI. Accordingly, the IB is permitted to pass on client instructions, if required. The IB may hold Limited Power of Attorney over the introduced client account and, if authorised to do so, may make investment decisions for and on behalf of the introduced client.

Introducing Agents

Introducing Agents (‘IA’) are normally known to ADMISI by referral. Introducing Agents choose ADMISI as an industry trusted company due to our reputation, infrastructure and access to global markets. They can expect a proactive management of their introduced business.

An Introducing Agent may be an individual or an entity that introduces business to ADMISI.  Introducing Agents are not required to be regulated and their status is strictly limited to permitting the introduction of business. An Introducing Agent is not permitted to manage the relationship or have any involvement in the business relationship.

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